Sunday, February 9, 2014

Emma Pass: Acid

In her debut novel, Emma Pass has a very bleak future in mind for the United Kingdom for those who fight to keep the freedoms they had in the past:

The year is 2113 and Jenna Strong is the only female occupant of the world's most violent prison. She has had to strive to live every day that she is there and she was sentenced to life. She was put there by Acid, the military police force that now controls everything within the United Kingdom. Acid makes sure that no one ever speaks against them, that everyone serves their purpose and the rich get richer and to poor get poorer. But there are those that remember the old days, that remember what it was like to have freedoms and little does Jenna know, but she is about to become a key player in a revolution that is going to shake everyone in the UK to their core.

From the beginning Pass was able to create a good read and at times very interesting, but also at times very far fetched.  For example, being the only girl (and lets face it she is a girl) in an all male prison was the part that was truly far fetched. you would think at this time and with the amount of  people that acid is arresting there would be a lot of women being put in prison as well. I did like Pass's imagination in regards to Acid and what the prisons are like. Pass has a great ability to predict a bleak and interesting future.

As Jenna is the main character, you will either like her or hate her, I liked her ability to survive above all else and try to stay true to who she is. Jenna/all the other characters that she is forced to become, is forced to under go a personality disorder with the underlying one always attempting to come out. I think this was the most interesting aspect within the book as Jenna strives to protect herself not only from ACID but also from not forgetting who she is. However, Jenna is like a typical teenager and it all comes down to a boy and I am sad to say that about half way through the book the really comes down to a girl who wants a boy, and will risk everything, even the revolution to save him and be with him, just a little bit selfish I think. I really wish that Pass would have taken a different route than this as it has become pretty typical now.

Pass has some very interesting ideas as to what the future holds for the United Kingdom and while there were times where it seemed like Pass' imagination was running a little too far fetched she was still able to create an interesting story that was able to keep me entertained. I would read another novel by Pass and this was a pretty good debut novel.

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