Sunday, July 25, 2021

Kiersten White: Chosen

You will need to read this first book in this series Slayer in order to understand the dynamics between the characters especially Nina and Artemis. Plus there are quite a few events that define what happens in this book so you really need to read the first book. 

The Slayer and Watchers are back, with a whole new bad and a whole new apocalypse that threatens the world:

Nina is trying to accept her new role in life as a slayer instead of a medic, and trying to change what the Watchers have been taught to do for generations and this includes being accepting of certian types of demons. Nina has decided to change the castle into a sanctuary where slayer and demons can co-exist and help each other. Nina just hopes that she is doing the right thing, so much is now on her shoulders, especially with Artemis fleeing the castle and Nina feeling even more darkness inside of her, so much she is having trouble controlling it. There also seems to be a new threat emerging, something to do with a strange triangle that seems to be popping up everywhere something bad happening and everything points to the apocalypse.

I feel like this is a Must Read for those who Loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer growing up, even though most of the comments surround Buffy are basically bashing her or really undermining what she had done for the whole (Honestly I feel at time White hated Buffy as a character) but it is an interesting world nonetheless. In this book there are more appearances and nods to characters that were both in Buffy and Angel series which I liked as it was like revisiting shows that I loved growing up.

I liked that there were POV from both Nina and Artemis, and I found that Artemis POV was a bit more interesting as she does act more grown up than Nina at time. Additionally, many of Artemis' POV were darker and more mature in nature so I think that had to do with why I enjoyed them more. I found that Nina's POV were thinking about a boy and being mad at Artemis. Also I love Doug as a character, there is something about his ability to smell how people are feeling, and letting people know that they are off and his overall love of Cold Play that I just loved him as a character.

I have one main problem with this book is that we know who the bad guy is right from the beginning, I wish that there would have been hints or something about someone that they trust betraying them. Instead we find this out basically at the beginning of the book and as the reader we are waiting for the main characters to figure this out and this completely takes away from the overall suspense of the book. It even takes away from the manipulation, because you know that it's manipulation.

I enjoy this series as it takes me back to the world of Buffy and I really enjoy this world. I am looking forward to seeing where White takes this series.

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