Sunday, January 2, 2022

Elle Cosimano: Finlay Donovan is Killing it

Elle Cosimano show what happens when eavesdropping on a conversation goes wrong:
Finlay Donovan is a single mom, a struggling writer with a looming deadline and her ex-husband has just canceled her Nanny on the day with an important meeting with her editor, because she just works from home and her 4 year old decided to take scissors to her hair this morning. But she does make the meeting with her editor, albeit a bit late. While she is pitching a new romantic suspense novel, she is inadvertently mistaken for a contract killer and is offered a generous about of money to take care of a husband, who is not a nice person. What starts as some research for her book, quickly takes a turn for the worst and that crime in real life is much harder its fictional counterpart.
Wow this book is one of my favourite reads this past year, it is a fun mystery read with some aspects that I think any parent can relate too. This book was hard to put down and I was sneaking any chance I got to read. Honestly if I would have been able to read it in one sitting I would have. This book had it all. It was quirk, witty, fun, fast paced and will have you laughing out loud at times. Does the plot takes some weird twists and turns along the way, sure, but that is what made it even more entertaining and unexpected.

I normally do not enjoy books that feature writers as the main character, don’t ask me why, but typically those books don’t work for me. This book is totally the exception, I think that Finlay felt so down to Earth, is not a pretentious character and just wants to get over her writers block. So she becomes a little more adventurous in order to come across the inspiration, and when someone is eavesdropping on a conversation and things she is a hit woman, why not run with it, at least for a little bit. I mean she never gets a break from her kids or her ex-husband, I think she deserves a little fun and I think you can understand why she doesn't have any inspiration. So yeah basically Finlay feels very real as a character and someone that you care about throughout the whole book.

Vero is a great supporting character, and someone you want in your corner if you some how end up having a body you need to deal with. I mean she doesn't even bat an eye at the prospect of it. This makes me want to know more about Vera as character, her past and what she has done before being a Nanny for Finlay, something tells me it would be an interesting one.

I think my fellow readers (and reviews) were not a fan of how often Finlay's work as a writer (a romance writer nonetheless) is put down by everyone around her, even those people who are important in her life. There is always some stupid person out there that states reading romance books is not I said Stupid people.

I think it is easy to tell that i absolutely loved this book. It was a great break from what I normally read and had me entertained throughout. Easily one of my favourite books from last year. If you're looking for an easy/cozy mystery book, pick this one up. I'm super excited to read the next one in this series.

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