Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Marissa Meyer: Supernova

This is the third and final series in Marissa Meyer’s renegade series and you will need to read the other two books in this series (Renegades and Archenemies) to fully grasp everything going on in this book.

In the final book of this trilogy Marissa Meyer shows the lengths people will go to to achieve power:

Nova knows what she has to do, she has to free Ace from the Renegades, get him his helmet and once and for all free the city from those in power and let humans fight their own battles. If only the plan was that simple or humans were that simple and things were black and white. As Nova and Adrian struggle to keep their identities a secret a war is about to take place and they need to protect the ones they love. Can hero and villain work together to save the city or can only one side rule them all.

Here we are at the end of the trilogy, everything has been leading up to this book and I will say this book was great. It ended the series really well. The darkness and showing what people will do with a little information to condemn those around them is abundant in this book. 

Wow, the suspense in this book is great and I do not know how Nova was able to keep her cool throughout the book with the possibility that her lies and betrayals could come to light at any second. I also enjoyed that this book did play out like I thought it would and Nova’s powers didn’t increase in a way that I thought they would as well.

Once again Nova is a great character and for me Adrian was just go-hum. He is totally the YA part of this books based upon his choices he makes throughout this book. Nova is just sensational as a character and her growth throughout the series is what I look for in series.

I think my main complaint with the book was that things seemed to drag on and it was a bit repetitive from the second book.

I like the little bit of information that was given at the end on the book as it explained a few things and also hinted at maybe another trilogy to come. I know I would read it.

I have really enjoyed this series by Meyer and I loved that it had some darker aspects throughout and I must say the suspense aspect was on point in this book. Highly recommended series.

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