Thursday, December 23, 2021

Catherine Ryan Howard: 56 Days

Catherine Ryan Howard shows what happens when people take advantage of the COVID lockdown:

It starts with yet another fire alarm to an apartment building but ends with a body being discovered in an apartment that has been there for around three weeks. Who is this man? Was he murdered? Or accident? Or Suicide? We need to go back 56 days prior to the start of the lockdown to the pandemic, to figure out all these questions and realize that nothing is as it seems.

I think that it was an interesting that Howard decided to feature a book based around COVID, as I’m sure some people will say too soon. But hey if it inspires you to write I say why not and really the pandemic and lockdown did create a setting I had not read in a book before.

I enjoy the books that are on two different timelines as they slowly get closer together. I find, for me, this adds additional mystery to the book as you know how some things are going to end but you do not know how you get there. This was a slow burn of a book, but I found that even though it was a slow one it was able to keep me engaged by constantly changing the time frame that we were reading about.

There are three main POV in this book but I will say that you only really get to know two of the characters fairly well, Oliver and Ciara. I wish there would have been more from Leah, the detective, but I do understand why Howard chose to make Oliver and Ciara the main focus of the book. Speaking of them, you know right off that each is hiding something and really Oliver’s seems to come out of nowhere but Ciara’s I was able to figure out for the most of it out.

Part of the reason I wanted more from Leah’s POV was to see how the investigation unfolded more. I feel like there were many unanswered questions that they would have followed up on. 

This is the second book I have read by Howard and I really enjoyed it. It is also completely different from her other book I have read which I appreciate the lack of formula so fa. I look forward to see what Howard comes out with next.

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