Monday, December 6, 2021

Charlaine Harris: Dead Until Dark

In the first in the series, Charlaine Harris show's what happens when a Vampire shows up in a small rural town:
 Sookie Stackhouse could be an server in a bar in a small town, but the truth is that Sookie has a secret; She is able to read the minds of all the people around her. She shields herself the best she can but sometimes the noise slips through. That is until he walks into the bar, a Vampire, his mind is silent to her and it is heaven. But Vampires are not always wanted in small towns and someone or something is determined to make sure that this one does not stick around.
Yep you guessed it I am probably one of the few who enjoy the Urban Fantasy genre that has not read Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series, and my only defense is....I have no idea why I did not pick it up at the time of release, maybe i had read too many Vampire books at the time, but honestly I do not know why.

Maybe I would have enjoyed this book when it first came out, but reading it now, it just felt like there was a lack of story, lack of anything happening, just a woman who enjoys the silence in her mind that she feels whenever Bill is around. There is not much character development either and Harris tries to make the Vampires scary but yet it falls into the troupe that they are all good looking as well. We get a bit of a picture of the Vampire Underworld, but it is not really fleshed out.

I struggle with Sookie as a character, she does not really think anything of herself, other than how other people perceive her, which is basically dumb and slow. This has warped her own thinking of herself to fit these expectations and she considers her mind reading ability as a malady. I think I could get behind Sookie as a character, if all her problem were not solved by the introduction of a Man (Vampire). As soon as he comes into her life she all of a sudden has purpose? Not my thing. 

I know I won't be continuing on in this series, there wasn't much I liked about the book, except maybe the ending. Plus I feel hints of a love triangle coming around, so i'll just stop now. For those who have read the book and watched to show, is the show any good?

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