Sunday, December 12, 2021

Kevin O'Brien: The Night She Disappeared

Kevin O'Brien what happens when you cannot remember what happened the night before and you are the last person to see someone alive:
Anna is Seattle TV reporter and she ended up doing (more like forced) a piece on Courtney for the news who just happens to be her boyfriend/lover Russ's wife .Anna doesn't drink very often and she certainly should never drink with her lover and his wife, yet someone Anna finds herself in this situation. The hangover is brutal but she can't help thinking that something worse happened that night, and her mind first goes to that Courtney has realized that her and Russ are together. The truth is much worse, Courtney is missing and the last people to see her alive were Anna and Russ. The spot light is even more an Anna as everyone from neighbour, police to online TV celebrities try to figure out what happened to Courtney and are determined to try anything to get to the "truth". Anna only wishes she could remember what happened on the Night Courtney disappeared
I had high hopes for this book but to sum it up I was really bored throughout the book. I did not find it suspenseful at all, book just felt bland and flat and I was forcing myself to pick up the book just to finish. So you know by then that it is not a book that is keeping you engaged.

The main character was just okay and not really well defined as a character, though i think that O'Brien was trying to flesh her out as one, but just never got there. Most of the book is really spent with Anna sitting around her houseboat waiting for news of what happened to Courtney from the police. She does a bit of digging on her own, but that leads no where and is not the main focus that O'Brien chooses to take with the plot. I think I would have like the book better if Anna had done more sleuthing, but the type of reported that O'Brien has Anna a be (feel good pieces) sleuthing does not fit her wheel house.

I figured it out quite early and I will admit that i did not see one twist coming, but when that twist was revealed didn't find is shocking or adding anything to the story as I had already had it figured out. Like I said above the suspense was never there, from the mysterious phone call, to Anna not being able to remember what happened the night before, nothing gave me the edge of my seat feeling

I did like the nod to Gone Girl in the book as as you’re reading it you do start to think the same things, and there is a large portion of the population who had read that book.

I really struggles to finish this book, an honestly I give myself props for finishing it. I think if it had not bee a book i received off of Netgalley I wouldn't of. This one just wasn't for me. 

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