Friday, February 18, 2022

Greer Hendericks & Sarah Pekkanen: The Golden Couple

Greer Hendericks & Sarah Pekkanen are back and ask how far are you willing to go in order to save your marriage:

All Avery needs is 10 sessions, 10 sessions in order to help you overcome the biggest obstacles in your life, from domineering parents, to overbearing partner to assault, Avery will take you on as a client. When Marissa first contact Avery, it is out of the need to confess to her husband that she has been unfaithful to him and she wants him to forgive her and make their family work for the sake of their 8-year old son. But the more Avery digs into the Bishops lives she cannot help but notice that there are other things going, other secrets that need to be revealed and it is simply not just the marriage that is in danger.
This is the third book that I have read by Hendericks and Pekkanen and I think this is my favourite so far. The Golden Couple is a fantastic book that may start a bit slow, but trust me keep reading and all the twists, turns and shocking moments will come. Just when you think you have the plot figured out or have the person figured out a new twist will emerge and completely shatter what you thought before. 
Avery seems like half therapist half private eye as she not only performs stakeout on her clients, but also digs into their past and present, to try and really determine who her clients really are as people as well as why they have really sought her out. I liked this mix as it meant that Avery was not limited to the therapy session with trying to help her clients. It also gives the reader a better understanding of who Avery is and there are even tidbits about how she has helped other clients. I like that Avery is a rebel in her profession and while she may not be 100% honest on far into her clients lives she digs she does it to help them.
I personally did not care for Marissa's POV. I felt that it was just a bit of a filler for the book and had me just wanting to get back to Avery's POV. Marissa's POV did provide some additional details a little bit before Avery found them out, but overall I did not find Marissa's POV that important to the over all plot of the story, even though she was one of The Golden Couple.

I think it is a testament to this book that I would like to read more about Avery and the clients that she helps in her own unconventional way. I think that Hendrick and Pekkanen could easily have a series around her based upon what they have achieved in this book.

If you are looking for a domestic suspense, mystery book (and don't mind a bit of a slow burn) that is very much character driven then this one is for you. I am really looking forward to seeing what Hendrick and Pekkanen come out with next.

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