Thursday, September 8, 2022

Anne Bishop: Crowbones


This is the third book in a spin off series, so if you are wanting to start this series from the very beginning you will want to start with Written in Red (Also it is a fantastic book). This book will also set up the world that these book are in.

Anne Bishop is back in the world of the Other, and there is one Other out there that makes sure that the Others & Humans are behaving nicely:

If you cannot tell I have been reading this series for a long time, so that must mean that Bishop is doing something right to have me come back year after year to continue to read in this world, even in a spin off series. I think what I like most about this book and series, is the Badassness of the Others. They are at the top of the food change and are not afraid to hide it. Humans are referred to as meat several times in each book, and lets say some human bodies disappear along the way too. And the creepy voice that kept saying "Money Man Monkey Man, Crowbones is going to getcha" is probably the stuff of nightmares.

 I feel like Bishop toned down the multiple POV in this book, or I am just used to all the characters now. I personally like the well rounded view that this provides the book especially as there are so many different types of Others as well as a few good humans. It was interesting to see have some of the Elders have chapters have 

I will say that Bishop’s books in this series do follow a formula that works for it, but what I liked in this book that it was more than just humans trying to overthrow the Other with use of force, There was manipulation that was occurring and that minds of Others could be affected as well. The manipulation is done in such a way that you do wonder where the Humans got their information from, maybe something more is a foot that will be expressed in future books..

I really enjoyed this book and series, I was happy to be back in The Jumble but I do wonder how Bishop with bring The Jumble and Bennett together, as I really enjoyed Police Officer Jana in the second book. Though there is reference to the second book in this series as well.

I think fans of this series will enjoy this book as it does have elements that are similar to the ones before it, but yet it felt fresh at the same time. I look forward to the next book that Bishop creates in this series.

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