Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Hailey Edwards: Black Hat White Witch

Hailey Edwards show that one's past and investigations will always come back to haunt you:

Rue was once part of an organization that the only way out was in a body bag, but Rue had found a way out that did no include a body bag. At least she thought she did until the Black Hat shows up where she had been hiding for 10 years. Her former partner, Clay, is happy to see her (he thought she was dead) but he is there to tell her that the Silver Stag paranormal Serial Killer is back in the form of a copy cat. No one knew the Silver Stag better than Rue and now she is pulled back into the Black Hat world one she ran from and has been hiding from for Rue has her own secrets that she needs to keep safe.

This was a good urban fantasy, I liked the overall investigation and story I just wish that is was darker as I felt that it had the ability to be. It even had a disclaimer at the beginning that it featured mature themes, so I was thinking that it was going to be a lot darker than it was. It was not, I would say normal content for an adult book. We have all these magical creatures and humans are none the wiser about them and we have an agency that hunts down the bad ones. But those who hunt them down are seen as bad as well in a way? I mean I like the concept but i was hoping that the characters would be a bit more morally Grey in a way. And once again darker.

I liked that Edwards featured different creatures, and Clay as  golem was pretty unique (I don't think I have read a book where a golem was one of the main characters) and the transformation of Colby and what she became was really interesting as well.

Rue was a fine character, I mean you root for her, especially after you hear about her and Colby's past together, but I just didn't find her that much of a standout in the present, the past Rue sounds badass. On thing that was not explained as why she stopped eating hearts. She was only eating the hearts of bad people and by doing so she would get more powerful, but does it become the more hearts she eats the more she craves them? Even innocent ones? I mean if she is only eating bad guys hearts then why not?

I could have done without (what will undoubtable turn into) relationship/tension/attraction between, I just didn't get the attraction other than Rue's obsession with Asa's hair. I don't know how many times I had to read about his hair but it was a few too many. Also it seems like Asa's demon half has chosen Rue, so we have that troupe coming soon I think. 

There is not really any world building that occurs in this book. All we know is that there is a lot of paranormal creatures in this world and the humans seem to not be the wiser.

This was a good read and kept me entertained enough that I will check out the second book in the series and hopefully the "mature" content catches up to the series then.

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