Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Mira Grant: Rolling in The Deep

Mira Grant shows what happens when humans go searching for things thought to be myths:

The Imagine TV Network is wanting to get into the documentary game, though most would see the venture they are currently going on is a mockumentary as the team set out to the Marianas Trench in search of Mermaids. And they will find Mermaids, whether they are real or fake. What the team on the boat were not expecting was to actually find Mermaids and for them to have teeth and a taste for Blood.

This is the novella to the book Fear the Drowning Deep which I read a few years ago, it is fantastic non-Disney look at mermaids and this one is no different. While Grant makes reference to the footage, this book fully details the carnage that took place on the video. Thank said i think to fully enjoy the full novel i would recommend still reading Fear the Drowning Deep first as if you read this one, it takes away a bit of the suspense and what is going to happen.

As this is a novella there is not a lot of character development that goes on, plus Grant has multiple POV in the book, but I do not think that this took away from the story as all the people that Grant chooses to feature are very different. You have the captain who wants to make sure everything runs smoothly, a new deckhand who is hoping to sell some extra footage and spoilers of the show they are trying to make, the documentary host, scientists who are trying to make a name for themself and some of the mermaids (those brought on by the media company just to make sure that there are some mermaids in the documentary). 

I like that this book and Fear the Drowning Deep plays on the idea that we have not explored all of our ocean and some of the creatures that were spoken of old, and I really like that idea as I have not read too many books that play on that. Plus i don't think people are really doing mermaids any more, they have gone out of "fashion" but i personally hope they come back, but more like this and not the Disney one (but if the new live action Little Mermaid can make this happen I am all for it).

As I had read the previous book I knew how this one was going to end, but I was okay with that. I was still sucked into the story.

I'm a fan of this novella and Mira Grant and I really do need to read more by her and I highly recommend Fear the Drowning Deep and Rolling in the Deep.

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