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Darcy Coates: Where He Can't Find You

Darcy Coates takes readers to the town of Doubtful, where if you follow the rules the Stitcher Shouldn't be able to get you:

Rule number one, never walk alone, rule 2, never stay out late or the Stitcher is going to get you. The town od Doubtful is one that is haunted of disappearances and when they are found, they have been murdered, dismembered, and put back together in unspeakable ways. The thing that connects them all, is the use of Red Thread used to sew them back together. Abby Ward always follows the rules, the rules keep her and family and friends safe. When one of them is taken by the Stitcher Abby will stop at nothing to discover the truth and get them back, but not everyone is going to come out whole in this story.

Wow, this is the first book that I have read by Coates and it won’t be the last, you better believe I am going to check out her other books. This book grabs hold of you from the prologue and does not let down till you are finished. Within the book Coates is able to creates a novel/plot that is dark, gritty, mysterious, had me on the edge of my seat and was downright disturbing at times. I did not want to put this book down, I was just as invested as the characters in trying to find out Who or What the Stitcher was.

Is YA horror a genre? I don’t know if I would suggest a teen reading this book, it is downright disturbing at times with what the Stitcher does to his Victims, like disturbing. I mean just starting with the prologue would be something that could give anyone nightmares and the farther you read into the book it does not get any lighter.

This book has teen as the main characters and they are the ones investigating the disappearance and proving that the Stitcher is actually Vickers and normally I do not like this troupe or aspect as they keep the info to themselves and are smarter than the police force. However, other than the new police Detective who has transferred into town, Thompson (and he's too new to do anything really), the force is incompetent and has just accepted that people will go missing and turn up dead in "creative" ways. Hell, there is even talk in the book where they have a pool going of which missing person will turn up next. 

There are A Lot of POV in this book and it takes a bit to get them all straight but each does have a unique voice and unique perspective on the Stitcher and who/ what they think the Stitcher is. They also have different reasons for doing what they do, from wanting to protect their families to avenging deaths that occurred before the book started. What the multiple POV really highlighted in this book was the intense friendship in the group and what they are willing to do for each other. 

I love that Coates had me questioning for the majority of the book whether the Stitcher is a Man/Beast/Something else entirely. And let’s just say when you find out the answer it is truly horrifying.

I really loved this book. Coates was able to create such tension, suspense and thrills throughout the book that you feel the need to just keep reading to see what happens next. I highly recommend this book to those who like Thriller and Horror genre. I know I am not going to look at red threads the same again.


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