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Shelly Laurenston: Hot and Badgered

Shelly Laurenston starts a new series that Honey Badgers Do Care but only to those who are close to them:

Honey Badgers are known as vicious creatures that will never back down, even the king, The lion knows to fear them. When Honey Badgers are involved, it is better to just back away slowly. This is true for Hone badger shifters as well, and even more true for the MacKilligan Sisters; Charlie, Max and Stevie. When their father comes up with a scheme that backfires (like they always do), the sisters always seem to take the brunt of the whomever he has pissed off. Charlie has always protected her sisters and this latest bout against them is no different, but she is not about to turn down the help from giant Grizzley protection specialist especially when it seems like they can handle her crazy family and all the drama and fights that come along with it. Now Charlie needs to find her father, figure out who he pissed off this time, and make sure that they know to leave the MacKilligan sisters alone, forever.

I honestly did not know what I was getting in to when I started this book as it is the first one I have read by Laurenston but Wow did this book deliver. This book had everything that I like in urban fantasy books that feature shifters; different types of shifters, dark and gritty aspects, quite a bit of action scenes and not too heavy on the romance. There are moments in this book that are extremely crazy and insane as what is happening but it is an Urban Fantasy book so you just go with it, you wont be disappointed that you did.

The interaction between the sisters is hilarious and had me laughing out loud multiple times in this book. You have Charlie who tries to control everything as well as her sisters and bakes when she is stressed (which people do not complain about as she is amazing at it), Max who is well on her way to becoming a psychopath who loves knives and the youngest Stevie who is a legit  genius but also suffers from a severe panic disorder and I mean severe. But all this works together and they do not shy away from being honey badgers or from what makes each of them unique. They play with each others strengths and weaknesses and always have each others back. It is easy to say that each of them are badass in their own way

Each sister does get some POV, but Charlie is the main character in this book. There are also some side characters that have POV as well, and I liked this aspect as it gave a bit more depth to the plot to make it feel well rounded when it came to the plot, which often was left by the side at times when the sisters got under each other’s skin. It truly is amazing how much One Man can piss so many people off.

I like that there are hybrid shifters in this book to change things up. There are also shifters that you do not normally see, first of all honey badgers, but also polar bears and wolverines. There is also a full were society out there but somehow humans don't know about them. I mean I feel like this would be extremely hard to hide, but it’s a minor part of the story. I mean one is even marrying a Human and the Human has no idea that she is a shifter which will be a crazy thing to explain if the kids are born shifters.

I think there were two things that felt a bit off to me, it was a bit long winded, and the whole criminal organizations, yes more than one, was not something that played out really well and as the book already felt too long, adding in another layer just felt like overkill to me. This in turn made the mystery/plot aspect a bit off.

This was such a wild and crazy ride, that I don’t even know how to put into anything other than those words. I really enjoyed this book. Honestly the best part of this book is the sisters, and I look forward to reading the next book in the series to see what the sisters get up to next. I would recommend this book to those who like shifter books and are looking for something a bit different in the genre.


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