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Rebecca Yarros: Iron Flame

As this is the second book in the series you will need to read the first book in the series, Fourth Wing, in order to understand and appreciate this book. Plus Fourth Wing is an amazing book and you will not be disappointed that you read it.

Rebecca Yarros is back, with the second book in her Empyrean series, and the stakes are even higher for violet

Violet has defies the odds when she survived the first year of training at the Basgiath War College, but now the real training begins as Violet especially with the introduction of a new Vice Commandant who makes it his own personal mission to not only break her but her bond with Xaden as well. What the Vice Commandant doesn’t realize is who Violet and if there are a few things that she learned in first year it was that dragon rider never give up and that they make their own rules. Violet will do anything in her power to not only protect those she loves but the whole world, but even that may not be enough.

I am really glad that I held off to read this book when I had time to actually read it as I did not want to put it down. I made sure to avoid any reviews or spoilers so I could go into the book without any additional information other than the premise. And I will say that this book shook me, especially with that ending that I did not see coming at all and how what occurs will shape everything within the world and story that Yarros has created. I really applaud Yarros for many of the choices she makes in this book and how far she is willing to push the characters (and readers).

Now this book is not Fourth Wing, and I mean that in a positive way as she does not just rehash what happened in Fourth Wing. This book does not have as many fighting or action scenes as fourth wing does, but that is due to the fact that Violet is not fighting for survival in every class that she has. What this book has more of is political intrigue and spying where you do not know who you can trust and who knows what about what is happening beyond the Shields. I also found that this book was darker than the first book and as there is more at stake than just having Violet survive. Does this make the book feel slower at times, sure, but that does not mean that the book lacks the ability to suck you in.

The Dragons once again are a start in this book and I think even those people who do not enjoy this series or book will all say that they love the Dragons. Andarna is the stand out here with her moody teenagerness and the strife it causes Tairn. I know I laughed more than once during their interactions. 

Now for the aspects of the book I was not the fan of, and I cannot be the only one here. But was anyone else get sick of Violet and Xaden bickering nonstop about the same thing. Communication was not their strong suit in this book and it showed time and time again when they were together. Violet wanted answers but according to Xaden she wasn’t asking the right questions and this led to more secrets and bickering that I wanted to read.

I also hope that we will get more Xaden POV in the next book, other than a tidbit here and there. I think having his POV more frequent will be important in time with the event of this book and well I just love Xaden as a character.

This was a great read but did not quite live up to the first book Fourth Wing, which is okay. I love the direction that Yarros is taking the plot and characters and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.


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