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Ivy Asher: The Lost and the Chosen

In the first in a new series, Ivy Asher has a woman who finds out where she came from, one that is full of more danger than anyone could ever have guessed:

Vinna's life has been full of secrets and questions, especially when one night when she is 16 strange ruins show up all over her body. These ruins give Vinna amazing abilities and when her trainer Talon finds her on the street he starts to train her to fight. It is after one of her cage fighting matches that Vinna stumbles into a world that she knew nothing about, but one that has the answers to her magic and past plus possible a family she has been longing for, especially when she meets the Boys. The road to finding the answers Vinna wants is a dark and dangerous as there are those that want Vinna for their own purposes.

I knew nothing about tis book when I went in to is, I just liked the cover and the premise sounded like something I would enjoy. I'm a fan of Urban Fantasy so if something can pique my interest I'm going to try it. I will say I did not realize this book was going to be a reverse harem book, at least I think it is going to be, I mean I have been wrong before, but if it is one, it seems like it will be a slow burn one, so maybe I’ll be more into that, but no promises. I will also say that we get a really interesting beginning and ending to this book but nothing really seems to happen through the middle chapters. I mean it wasn’t slow per say but just nothing major happens in the middle.

What kept me engaged in this book was the main character Vinna, she is your kickass heroine who is both a regular fighter, due to her fighting in cage matches, and she has some really cool abilities with the ruins all over her body. She has the ability to pull magic weapons from the ruins on her body and not just swords, but staff, bow and arrows, mace, almost anything that you can think of. As this book starts with an awesome cage match and fight scene, I was kind of disappointed that it took so long for Vinna to return to the cage.

There is not a lot of world building in this book, even when you get to the town. There are some things that I still want to know, why shifters are looked down upon by the mages and more about how the council is formed things like that. I mean it didn’t take away from the story but I still have questions.

Pretty sure Asher needs to send me Vinna's workout playlist, i know i could Jam out to it. 

Although this book was slow in the middle, I really did like Vinna as a character as well as the cool powers that she has. The last 25% of this book are crazy and with action and completely heartbreaking. It ends with a cliffhanger, so I know that I will be picking up the next book in the series.


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