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Eva Chase: Captive of Wolves

In the first book in a series, Eva Chase explores when a Human has the ability to save Werewolves from Madness:

When Talia was 12 monster wolves killed her family and took her captive. She has now lived in a cage for 8 years, forever trying to find a way to escape. Once a month her captures come and take her blood, she has no idea why, but it is what keeps her alive. Until one evening when four men break into where she is being held captive and she trades one prison for another. Though this one has a bed and better food. Talia learns that her blood holds the cure to curse that has gripped the Fae realm. Talia has survived this long and nothing is going to stop her from trying to go toe to toe with the Fae now.

This was okay, at best......The book starts off really interesting and strong with Talia being held captive by but slows down around the 30% mark and it was very much about Talia getting better and improving both mentally and physically with a side of trying to figure out why and how Talia is the Tonic that prevents the wolves from taking over in the full moon. The storyline does improve a bit near the end, but not a lot happens throughout the book and it felt like a little bit too late.

Fae wolf Shifters, so think werewolf but they also have the ability to learn and do some Fae magic. One has the ability over things in the body, able to hear wounds and such another has an ability over trees, can shape them into homes or carriages things like that. I thought this aspect was pretty unique. I am bit confused about the world and caste system that is going on in this world, as it's never really explained. All we know is the 4 men who have "rescue" Talia are on the fringe of it as a punishment of something that happened long ago.

Whichever of Talia captures you read about in this book, both treated her more like a pet than anything else, just one treats her better than the other. This book completely has why choose/RH vibes that look like they are going to happen (but don’t in this book if that is what you are looking for).

Talia has been a prisoner for 8 years and I think that Chase did an okay job in showing not only the physical implications she would have with living in a cage but also mental ones as well. I think that Chase could have taken the mental aspect a bit farther as Talia was taken when she was 12, I think would have a lot more long with her. However, I cannot fault the strength and strangely compassion that Talia shows throughout the book.

This book has multiple POV. One for each main character, and it kind of muddles things a bit to begin with and i question the need for all of them. But the more you read in the book each one does have a distinct voice. Talia does have the most chapters by far.

This book had such a strong beginning that I did feel a bit let down the rest of the book. The Fae wolf shifter are interesting with their combination of Wolf and Magic but I'm not sure if I will continue on in the series. I just didn’t really get a feel for where the series is going to go, as not much happens in this book.


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