Saturday, September 23, 2023

Ilona Andrews: Magic Tides & Magic Claims

While this is the start of a new series, you’ll want to read the series this book is based after, starting with Magic Bites. If you are a fan of Urban Fantasy you will love this series.

Ilona Andrews brings Kate Daniels back and it turns out she and Curran are not very good at retirement:

Kate and Curran have decide to leave Atlanta behind and start a new life near the water in Wilmington This is supposed to be a fresh start, no pack business, people don’t know who they are, they can just relax and focus on family. But one thing Kate and Curran have never been good at is not helping those who need it and when people need help they are the first to jump into action.

Any time Andrews is going to put out a Kate Daniels book, I know I am going to pick it up. They decided to release two novella’s this year, maybe to test the waters to see if a new spin off series outside of Atlanta would work.  While these books were shorter, I did enjoy reading them back to back and I’m glad that Andrews kept some connection back to Atlanta in the form of some characters.

I think a change of scenery was what this series needed, not only for the characters but also for the storyline to continue. There is only so many times that Kate and crew can save Atlanta without if becoming redundant and let’s face it the last few books did follow a similar formula. There are some similar aspects here, but I think the addition of Conlan makes things different and there are different secondary characters that have come more to the forefront….. hello Kieran, I see you with your Claymore and whit.

I liked that Curran now had a full POV in these books along side Kate. I think readers have wanted this for a long time now and it makes the story more rounded.

My one with was that there would have been a hint of what happened at the end of Blood Heir, some sort of connection/timeline between the two. Though Kate does find out some interesting information.

I’m really hopeful that this will be part 2 of the Kate’s Daniels series and how the second novella ends it certainly feels that way. And I cannot wait to devour new books that feature Kate and Curran. If you enjoyed the first run of this series, you will enjoy this one as well.

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