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Hannah Bonam-Young: Next of Kin

In Next of Kin, Hannah Bonam-Young has a new form of blended family:

When Chloe receives an unexpected call that her birth mother has had another baby, she does not hesitate to become a Next of Kin guardian. The problem is that Chloe is fresh out of school and just starting her career so her finances are not that great. She is faced with a choice, either allow her baby sister to be place in foster care or become part of a new CPS program Teamup, which pairs next of Kin people to help them qualify to watch their siblings. Enter Warren a mechanic apprentice with a chip on his should who makes it very clear this is just a temporary situation for him and his brother and they need to stay out of each other's way. But as more of their lives intertwine, they both realize they are more similar than they imagined and maybe just maybe they have found a new family.

This is the second book I have read by Bonam-Young and while I will say I did not enjoy this one as much as Out on a Limb, this book was still extremely cute and heartwarming and perfect if you are looking for a book that will feel like a warm blanket by the end of it.

I was sold on the premise of this book from the very beginning and I loved the idea behind the adoption by the Next of Kin. Would the whole living together arrangement work in real life, I don’t know, you are basically asking strangers to move in together but for this book works.

I dont think you cannot like Chloe as a character, she goes above and beyond for everyone in her life, and really never asks for anything in return but at the same time is not afraid to ask for help when she needs it. What Chloe really wants to have that sense of family and love that she missed from her childhood, with both her birth mother and her adoptive parents. Warren is a guy that is trying to be the best parent to his teenage brother and uses a grumpy front to help shut other people out. He really has some anger issues that the story does not shy away from, but that is what makes him feel more real as well as the relationship between them. Neither is perfect nor pretends to be.

I wish there was a little bit longer time between Chloe and Warren where they cannot stand each other, but i will say that them not really liking or knowing each other at the beginning really makes the relationship that they have feel real.

No third act… love that the two books I have read by Hannah have not had this, not all relationships need to have a break up, sometimes there is a breaking point by people can talk things out and figure things out without calling it quits. 

If you like the Romance troupes like grumpy sunshine, forced proximity and found family.

This is the second book that I have read by Bonam-Young and I know it will not be the last. Her ability to write such cute and heartwarming stories will get me every time I need a break from the darker books I read.


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