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Kate Alice Marshall: No One Can Know

Kate Alice Marshall show what happens when three sisters return to the scene of their parents' murder:

Emma has always tried to hide her past. She has made a point to keep it secret and has made sure she has adapted to the person her husband wants, but when her husband looses and finds out she is pregnant, she makes the decision to move back home to help relieve some of the financial pressure. This would be okay, if her home was not where both her parents were murdered and Emma has always been the prime suspect. She is estranged from her two sisters, but feels compelled to let them know she is going there. The strange thing is Emma and her sisters have never talked about that night and with Emma returning home the other two come as well and maybe this time they will find out what actually happened that night.

This is the second book that I have read by Marshall and I really enjoyed that this was completely different from her other novel, no repeat of her work here. This is a really good twisty turny domestic suspense book, that had quite a few of the aspects that I like in these books; memory gaps from the main characters, returning to where the crime happened, links from present to past and secrets upon secrets. I think that Marshall does a good job with pacing and when/how Marshall reveals the evidence from both the past and present.

I personally love that each sister got a POV, though I felt like Emma had the most compared to the other sister. This is probably due to the fact that she was (and still is) the main suspect for her parents' murders all those years ago. Plus we do not hear from the other sisters until a little later in the story once they realize that Emma is returning to the house. The multiple POV also shows the dysfunctional relationship that the sisters and how this has shaped the relationships that they have as adult. 

I also loved that there are two time lines and that the past one shows what each sister was experiencing not only that night, but what their life was like with their parents and how each handled them, which was very different between the three. How they interacted with and how they were treated also shaped who they are as adults and each has changed a lot. Although all three are different they very much have each other's back, no matter what.

While I think that Marshall was good at keeping the twists coming but I was able to figure out before the end of the book (quite a bit before). I also wish that it was a bit darker at times. Marshall is able to achieve this a bit with Daphine but i wish other things pushed it a bit more.

I think if you like Domestic suspense books you will enjoy this one, as it is engaging throughout. I look forward to reading more by Marshall.


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