Sunday, January 10, 2021

Deborah Wilde: The Unlikeable Demon Hunter

In the first in a series, Deborah Wilde shows what happens when someone unexpected is chosen to be the next Demon Hunter:

Nava has always been second twin to her brother Ari and for the most part she has been okay with that. Living the life that she kind of wants, she only really cares about her brother. So when she accidentally steals the dream that he has been training hi whole life for, she's a bit of a mess. Partner that with she is now expected to hunt and kill demons, she finds herself with something she never really wanted, responsibility. Nava has to figure out how to be a demon hunter and fast, as her life and those she loves depends on it.

I enjoyed the overall premise of this book and it was darker at times than I thought it would be. This is the second book that i have read by Wilde and while the first book I read from her had some sex in it it was nothing compared to this book. It was basically constant sex or Nev thinking about having sex or how sexy a guy was. I applaud Nava being all about her sexuality as a woman and not being ashamed of if, I just felt like all the sex was taking away from the overall story.

 Nava is a fun character, I already mentioned the sex thing, but she is also a person who is lost in life when her love of dance is no longer possible due to injury. She is also seen as the less favoured child in the family has her twin brother Ari is the one who is supposed to be the new hunter. Nev channels all this disappointment in her life into her snarky attitude and once again sex. Nev is a fun character to follow throughout the book and she does have some great sarcasm that unfolds.

There were some twist and turns throughout the book that I did not see coming and I think that Wilde shines in her ability to not only have some interesting Demons and their powers, but also how the powers of the Hunters are developed when their powers emerge. It appears that most of the Hunters are damaged in some way and it is based upon this as to what power/ability that they receive. This imagination also makes it interesting to see how the battles between the Demons and the hunters play out, as there are some abilities that are better suited than others for taking on a Demon.

I had a fun time reading this book. It was a bit different from what I normally read in Urban Fantasy and I enjoyed getting to know Nev and this version of Vancouver. I'll probably continue on in this series when I need a break from everything else. Recommended to those who like Urban Fantasy romance novels with a darker side.

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