Thursday, January 21, 2021

Marissa Meyer: Archenemies

This is the second book in Marissa Meyers Renegades series. You will need to read the first book in order to understand the plot and relationships in this book and whose side everyone is on. Also the first book is a great read and I highly recommend Renegades.
Marissa Meyer is back with the second book in her Renegade series, and the Super Hero  stakes have never been higher:

The Anarchists have a second weapon but it is up to Nova in order to secure it, which mean that she has to go even deeper undercover within the Renegades to get it. The Renegades have also been working on a secret weapon, one that will give them power over all prodigies and make them judge and jury in many cases. What happens when you give someone even more power? They take advantage of it and it is up to Nova to try and set everything right.

This book does not miss a beat from the first book in the series. It picks up right where it left off except for Nova seems to be even more entrenched in the Renegades work and way of life. She is trusted now more than ever due to the events in the first book. This leads to one of the best things in this series is the ever constant feel of suspense. You never know when something is going to lead the renegades to find anarchist or the reveal of Nova’s secret and man do things really pick up on that in this book. It will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Nova is a fantastic character, she is one of the main reasons why I enjoy this series so much. She has unique abilities, nothing flashy and she still gets the job done better than others. But what is most interesting about Nova is her ability to be a spy and her struggles with feeling, dedication to family and what she believes is right. Plus she is still a teenager and trying to put together those hormones and feelings too, and though Nova feels confused about it sometimes I never felt she is a winy character.

Adrian, who has the other POV in the book, has one of the coolest powers that I have ever read or heard about a super hero having, really it is only limited to his imagination and he can create. The whole tattoo thing is a cool twist and I wonder if it can work on other as well. Adrian as a character though is a little lack luster when you compare him to Nova. He is not as sure of himself and I question throughout this book why he just doesn't tell everyone about the Sentinel before it's too late. Also his point of view seemed to repetitive at times with him continuing to question should he tell his Dad's about the Sentinel or does Nova really like him, it just fell short of the things that Nova was having to deal with.

I wish that we would have had more interaction with the other characters on the team, both sides. They seemed to have fallen off in this book when compared to Renegades and they are all interesting characters. Meyers kind of replaced it with more with Adrian's Dads but they were kind of boring to tell you the truth.

I still love the creative aspects that Meyer has brought to this series and world with the powers that the protégées have. It is easy to see in this book how power can corrupt those who have it and not everyone deserves to have powers but who should be the one to decide that? Very interesting subplot within the book.

This book is as good and I might saw even better than the first book in the series as Nova has really found her stride as a spy. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

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