Monday, January 4, 2021

Rachel Hawkins: The Wife Upstairs

Rachel Hawkins takes readers on a journey where a small subdivision Birmingham, Alabama has its fair share of secrets

 Jane arrived in Birminham to make some changes in her life, well basically start a new life. Jane becomes a dog walker for many of the families in the neighbourhood which allows her to left a few trinkets here and there that will not be missed, I mean a girl cannot get buy on just dog walking. But things change when she meets Eddie Rochester, a recently widowed man, his wife drowned in a boating accident. Jane thinks she has finally hit it big, and is finally getting what she deserves in life, but as much as she wants to trust Eddie and those around her, something continually has her one edge. Her past may be catching up with her, but the future poses questions now too. Jane has always trusted her gut and looked out for herself, can she learn to trust Eddie as well?

Alright confession time guys, I have seen many reviews point to this being a modern reworking/retelling of Jane Eyre, well I never read Jane Eyre so my review will be based on not comparing it this classic. (I know I should probably read it some time, but so many books too little time, and often I find i cannot get into period books). So as I have not read Jane Eyre, I really enjoyed all the twists and turns that Hawkins presents throughout the book. You know basically from the start that something is afoot, but Hawkins keeps you reading on to discover what twist she has in store next for you. I also appreciated the small town feel of the book, where everyone know everyones secrets and gossip is a form of currency out there, where the people can buy anything they like.

I liked the duel perspectives of Bea and Jane and that Hawkins decided to keep Bea’s POV chapters short as well there is not much to elaborate on in her state in the story, when the story takes place. Plus we do get quite a bit of background information about Bea from Eddie as well as Bea's friends and the bit of journaling that she does as well, so I feel like you get to know Bea.

Jane is an interesting character, she is all about what getting what she feels like she deserves in life, even that means stealing it. This is why for her dog walking within a high end neighbourhood fits the bill as her has access to wealthy people who will not miss some belongings here or there. So there are times it is hard to root for Jane, as she is a thief and really does not seem to want to work at achieving anything but wants it handed to her. This is based upon her growing up in crappy foster home or foster home, but really to me this was an excuse, I almost see Jane as a sociopath at times. So Yes she is interesting but do I root for her, not really.

I wish the ending would have been different but I cannot say how i would have wanted to end. I feel like the ending was nice and neat in some ways but in other not, there was just something off about the whole thing.

This is the first book that I have read by Hawkins and I really enjoyed the story and characters throughout. I look forward to picking up another one of her books.

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