Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Rosie Walker: Secrets of a Serial Killer

In her debut novel Rosie Walker reveals the secrets that so many want to know:

There has been a serial killer terrorizing Lancaster for decades, something completely unusual for a serial killer, never has there been one that that lasted this long. The police are completely baffled and there are no new clues to go on, therefore, true crime forums and armchair detectives all have their own theories. When another girl goes missing, her mother Helen will do anything she can to find her daughter but will she be able to unlock the secret of this serial killer before it is too late.
I'm a big fan of reading debut authors, I love finding the next great author that is up and coming. I had really high hopes for this book as the title is one to sure to bring you to the book stand and pick up just even to read the back of it but this is my first DNF book that I am going to review this year.

I tried to read this book multiple times and just could not get into it. I think that Walker suffered from trying to do too much with too many characters / plot line that I could not really follow the story as well as I wanted to. With all the POVs I never really came to care about the characters, really get to know them, or feel invested in them, so it was time to put the book down.

Now here is the thing, I think at Walker has a great ability to write and tell a story as the elements are all there, I just think that there was a lack of a critical eye some where along the way that would allow for Walker to tone it down a bit. Someone needed to say there is too much going on here and to simplify things a bit. This does not mean make the plot less twisty but maybe loose a POV or two to ground the story more. 

All that said I think that I would try another book by Walker, but i would read the reviews first beforehand.

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