Monday, March 28, 2022

Rachel Hawkins: Reckless Girl

Rachel Hawkins explores can you really get away from your problem on a deserted Island:

Lux has always wanted to travel the world and with personal tragedy recently now is better than ever. When her boyfriend Leo suggests traveling via his boat the Susannah, Lux cannot wait to get away. But they end up getting stuck in Hawaii, working dead in job in order to pay for boat repairs. The boat is just fixed when they are hired by 2 women to take them to a private off the beaten path island. The job pays well and Lux and Leo are wanting to escape again. Once there the private beach is amazing but not alone for long when a Golden couple end up on the beach too. Everything is going great but being cut off from civilization can change people, make you see differently and the dynamics of relationships change. Lux soon begins to realize not is all what it seems and she doesn't know who she can trust.

This is the second book that I have read by Hawkins and what I like is that this is completely different from The Wife Upstairs. While the format is similar and I would call this a domestic suspense type book due to all the relationships involved in this book but the plot line and twists that Hawkins takes is completely different.

This book makes me miss the beach and vacations even more (Thanks COVID) but aside from that, this book is a roller coaster ride the farther you get in to it. Even though I was able to figure out the twists that Hawkins was going to throw out there, I was not sure how everything was going to play out. So this was a fun ride that does start off slow and seems just like people having a fun Island party but it for sure takes a dark turn.

There are three main POV that have both current and before aspects with them but Lux is the character that gets the most page time. And I’m not going to lie there were times when I would get Brittney and Amma’s POV confused when they were in the before chapters. I wish that there was not an Eliza POV as I felt like it gave too much away and assisted me in figuring out what was going to happen. I think the information that was given in her POV actually hindered the story.

Lux feels like a very real person, her insecurities, he wanting to run away from the pain in her life and thinking that it will solve all her problems. As many people know that doesn't exactly work, so there is lots of drama and self searching begins and not all of it is positive. So Lux does grows as a character in throughout this book and the events that happen in the Island really do change her, which i appreciate Hawkins doing.

I really enjoyed this book, it was a little bit slow to start with getting to know the characters but keep with it craziness is going to happen. I look forward to seeing what Hawkins comes out with next.

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