Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Kelley Armstrong: High Jinx

This is the second book in the series, so you will need to read the first book in the series Cursed Luck, to understand the relationships as well as the ability that Kennedy has. Plus it really is a fun read. 

Kelley Armstrong’s Cursed Luck series is back with a hexed object that Kennedy cannot refuse:

Curse weaver and ultimate unhexer Kennedy is back in her home town and settling in to her new store. She is always on the hunt for new pieces when a chance spotting on eBay of a known cursed painting, that has been missing for years and responsible for a few deaths, she really wants it. But when the bid gets out of her reach, her friend Aiden steps in a buys it for her to make sure it is unhexed. What Kennedy does not realize that this is all part of a perfect plan and trap of Kennedy and there is more at risk here than a few hexed paintings.

This is a fun Urban Fantasy series and I really like the incorporation of the Greek Gods and how they still wish to play a part in people's lives especially their descendants, which as you can imagine it creates a whole new aspect to Family Drama (and let’s say this plays out in several forms in this book). The mystery aspect in regards to the paintings and who has commissioned them is really well done, and the paintings themselves have some very scary hexes on them. It seems like Kennedy and Aiden are going this way and that in order to not only find the paintings but unhex them as well, so there is really not a dull moment in the book.

It was interesting to get to meet Mercy and Athene and get their points of view of the world now, what they have seen and their father as well (and not everything is positive). They also add a bit of mischief to everything, especially Mercy but I think that is to be expected and well they are the source of some of the family drama.

I appreciate that Armstrong did not have Kennedy and Aiden rush into a relationship in the first book, there is a lot of stake for both of them and this is further seen in this book especially with more of an introduction to Aiden's family.

I missed the curse working and luck working aspects of the first book, and of course the magic 8 ball from the first book. I felt that Kennedy and Aidan's powers were downplayed in this book. They are mentioned a few times, but I can only remember them being used maybe twice throughout the book. Also we do not get too much from Kennedy breaking the curses like we did in the first book. 

I will say that I appreciated Armstrong’s creativity in regards to what the hexes were on the paintings as they seem plausible. I mean we have all been near that painting where it feels like it is watching your every move.

I'm really enjoying this series, and I hope that Armstrong continues on with it. I find there are not as many authors writing in the Urban Fantasy genre these days and I almost always enjoy it when I read in it.

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