Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Kelley Armstrong: The Deepest of Secrets

This is the final book in the series, so please do not start here, start with the first book City of the Lost (you will not be disappointed it is a fantastic book) and work your way here. I do not think you could enjoy this book without reading the other books in this series

Kelley Armstrong is back with the final book in her Rockton series, a city full of secrets that were not meant to get out:

Rockton is a city that was built for second chances but also that of secrets. The thing is that no one is supposed to know why each resident is in Rockton for. Casey and Dalton have figured it out, especially after discovering the council was letting anyone who could pay in. When one resident’s secret is put on display for all to see, the town becomes divided on whether this person should be allowed to stay. As Casey tries to find out who knew this secret, he attention is about to be divided as a resident then goes missing and found dead. The Council is now more determined than ever to close Rockton for good and see these events as inconveniences nothing more. Never a slow day in Rockton, city with the deepest of secrets.

You never know when and how a series is going to end and I actually liked that Armstrong wrapped up quite a few of the story line that had been constant throughout the books in the previous book, allowing Armstrong to focus more completely in the closing down of Rockton and the ramifications it will have to many of the residents there. I really like that the town was really divided in this one, even some of Casey's friends and allies had opinions that were a bit different after the secret is revealed. It really felt like the people were turning against each other. And that is not even the only mystery part of the book, there is a murderer in town who is using the town closing as a perfect way to hide their crimes. The way of murder is unique as well and you’re never really sure who in town is capable of it, but there are several suspects throughout, that you’re not sure which one it could be.

The thing I really like about Casey is that even when she is told not investigate the murder or who revealed the secret she does it any ways. That is her job and though people in town may not be respecting her as much as they used to due to the town closing, she is doing her best to still protect them.

I feel like we were missing a bit of Eric in this book, he was not as constant of a character as he has been in the past. Actually, it felt like many of the side characters had diminished roles in this book and I missed the interactions with April and Sebastien.

This was a good book and a great wrap up to this series. I have loved this series and characters and I respect Armstrong’s decision to end this series, I have enjoyed it from start to finish. Cannot wait to read more by Armstrong in any genre.

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