2010-2015 Book Reviews

Books Are Arranged By Author's First Name 
Paranormal Romance/Paranormal/Dark Paranormal/Fantasy/Horror

Action Adventure / Mystery / Thriller /Misc
Amanda Stevens: The Restorer (Book 1)
Amanda Stevens: The Kingdom (Book 2)
Amanda Stevens: The Prophet (Book 3)

Amber Lynn Natusch: Unborn (Book 1)

Amber Lynn Natusch: Unseen (Book 2) 
Amy Plum: After the End 
Angie Fox: The Accidental Demon Slayer
Ann Aguirre: Grimspace
Anne Bishop: Murder of Crows (Book 2)
Anne Bishop: Vision in Silver (Book 3)
Anne Bishop: Written in Red (Book 1)
Annie Walls: Taking on the Dead
Anthony Francis: Blood Rock (Book 2)
Anthony Francis: Frost Moon (Book 1)

A/  Mystery-Thriller-Adventure
Alan Jacobson: The 7th Victim
Alex Marwood: The Killer Next Door
Alex Berenson: The Faithful Spy
Allen Wyler: Dead Ringer
Allison Brennan: Love Me To Death  
Amanda Kyle Williams: Dont Talk to Strangers (Book 3)
Amanda Kyle Williams: The Stranger You Seek (Book 1)

Amanda Kyle Williams: Stranger in the Room  (Book 2) 
Andrew Gross: Now Way Back
Andy McDermott: The Shadow Protocol
Angela Gerst: A Crack in Everything 
Angela Marsons: Evil Games (Book 2)
Angela Marsons: Silent Scream  (Book 1)
Anne Frasier: Hush 

C/ Paranormal-Fantasy
Cassandra Clare: City of Bones
Cassie Alexander: Moonshifted (Book 2)
Cassie Alexander: Nightshifted (Book 1)
Cassie Alexander: Shapeshifter (Book 3)
Cat Adams: Blood Song 
Chris Little: Shadows of Darkness 
Christopher Farnsworth:Blood Oath
Chloe Neill: Firday Night Bites (Book 2)
Chloe Neill: Some Girls Bite (Book 1)
Chloe Neill: Twice Bitten  (Book 3)

F/ Paranormal-Fantasy
Faith Hunter: Blood Cross (Book 2) 
Faith Hunter: Skinwalker (Book 1)

F/ Mystery-Thriller-Adventure
F.G. Cottam: The Lazarus Prophecy
Jennifer Estep: Spider's Bite (Book 1)
Jennifer Estep: Spider's Revenge (Book 5)
Jennifer Estep: Tangled Threads (Book 4)
Jennifer Estep: Venom (Book 3)
Jennifer Estep: Web of Lies (Book 2)

Jess Haines: Hunted by Others
Jesse Petersen: Married With Zombies 
Jonathan Maberry: Patient Zero
(Book 1)

Jonathan Maberry: The Dragon Factory (Book 2)
Jordan Summers: Red 

Julie Kenner: Tainted (Book 1)
John Dodds: Bone Machines
John Lescroart: A Certain Justice

John Lutz: The Night Caller 
Joseph Finder: High Crimes 

Joy Fielding: The Wild Zone 

K/ Paranormal-Fantasy
M/ Paranormal-Fantasy
Molly Harper: Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men (Book 2)
Maegan Beaumont: Sacrificial Muse (Book 2)
Matthew Quirk: The 500
Marc Guggenheim: Overwatch 
Marcia Clark: Guilt By Association (Book 1)

Marcia Clark: Guilt By Degrees (Book 2)
Marcia Clark: Killer Ambition (Book 3) 

Matthew Quirk: The 500 Michael Connelly: The Brass Verdict  (Book 2)

Michael Connelly: The Lincon Lawyer (Book 1)

Michael Kardos: The Three Day Affair
Michael Koryta: Those Who Wish Me Dead
N/ Paranormal-Fantasy


Richard Deotsch: The Thieves of Heaven (Book 1)

Richard Doetsch: Thieves of Faith (Book 2)
Rick Reed: The Cruelest Cut
Robert Thorp: Nothing Lasts Forever
Russell Blake: Silver Justice 

Sophie Littlefield: Rebirth (Book 2)
Sophie Littlefield: Horizon (Book 3)
Susan Ee: Angelfall (Book1)
Susan Ee: End of Days (Book 3)
Susan Ee: World After (Book 2) 
Suzanne Collins: The Hunger Games  (Book 1)

Suzanne Collins: Catching Fire (Book 2)
Suzanne McLeod: The Sweet Scent of Blood 

S.L. Pierce: Secrets
Sam Barone: Dawn of Empire
Sandra Brown: Best Kept Secrets 
Sandra Brown: Lethal 
Sandra Brown: Mean Streak 
Sandra Brown: The Witness 

Sara Blaedel: The Forgotten Girls 
Scott Mariani: The Alchemist's Secret (Book 1)
Scott Mariani: The Mozart Conspiracy (Book 2)
Simon Kernick: The Business of Dying
Sophie Littlefield: A Bad Day for Sorry 
Stephan Talty: Black Irish: A Novel (Book 1)

Stephan Talty: Hangman (Book 2)